Granny game pc online


Adventure games with solving puzzles are one of the most popular games. In the 90s these games were released and played almost every day. These games are like movies where your decision matters. Whatever you do in the game will reflect the scenario of the adventure. Some biggest and most popular adventure games even have different endings. One of the most popular adventures, puzzle solving and choices matter game I can remember right is Deus Ex. Deus Ex is with us for over decades, and the latest release is amazing.

But to play Deus Ex, you need a high-performance computer. For playing Granny, all you need is a mobile phone. Of course, granny is not a game that will keep you occupied for months because once you solve the puzzles and escape from the crazy granny, the game is over. This is a game that can be played once or twice, and after that it gets boring. But by being a weird horror game where crazy granny chase you and you need to find a way to escape from the claws of the crazy lady, the game will keep you occupied and interested until you do so.

The adventure, puzzle solving games are not that popular anymore, especially not for the mobile phones. But the Granny is enjoyable and quite easy playable. Mechanics of navigation and actions is easy and can be performed without trouble. After all, this is not a game that requires a skill of your fingers or rapid reflexes. This game is all about thinking and finding a way to escape. In the game you will need to find keys that unlock different doors, you will need to find other tools that will help you in an escape. The shotgun is good for attack and making Granny go away for some time. But the main goal of the game is unlocking the escape door and finally escape from the grannies claws.

Because of the granny’s look and the horror sound in the game, I don't recommend this game to kids. This game may give you nightmares. The graphics in the game are clear and very nice for a mobile phone first person view game. But if you are old enough and love survival horror games, then this game can be an ideal time waster, especially if you are getting bored. Play Granny and try to survive and escape from her crazy claws. Just make sure you are not playing in public because this is a horror game and you may start screaming anytime.


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